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Life Happens Mission Alignment

LoanBuddy reinforces the Life Happens mission through its innovative fintech platform that delivers solutions to advisors by helping reduce client exposure on existing student debt and increasing financial wellness. LoanBuddy adds value by connecting new potential clients with advisors for financial planning conversations, that begin with, student debt. With this new initial connection in place, it's an excellent starting point to introduce new services that modern consumers need.

Value Proposition (Student Loan Repayment Planning Tools)

LoanBuddy offers software tools for advisors who are assisting their clients with student debt repayment planning. LoanBuddy technology automatically calculates options for federal income-driven repayment programs and tracks Public Service Loan Forgiveness for borrowers that qualify. Borrowers with federal student loans have options unlike any other form of debt, with a process that offers a reduction in monthly payments based on income. Advisors will save time generating graphs and reports they can use to guide clients through the lifecycle of their loans in these new federal plans. LoanBuddy has a "Member Community" of advisors that now track hundreds of millions of client student debt.

Innovative advisors are utilizing LoanBuddy in order to better serve their clients right out of graduate programs, who typically have high debt amounts and lower starting incomes and coincidentally great long-term clients to have. And for advisors looking to grow, LoanBuddy lead generation features route exclusive leads from our Free Student Loan Assistance platform that offers DIY tech and pairs these recent graduates with an advisor. This pairing is based on the advisors niche (client’s occupation) or geographical region turning the initial client conversation into one that includes student debt. 

When advisors are empowered with solutions and education that help borrowers improve their financial wellness and optimize their student debt, it's a powerful addition to your firm. By implementing LoanBuddy an advisor can simply begin with a methodology that will enable them to help more individuals and harness technology that drives business growth while improving the quality of life for their clients.

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